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Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet. However, if it starts to nest on your property then there might be damages that will require fixing. They can also cause bird lice infestation and several other diseases. Moreover, the presence of birds may even attract rats as the latter consumes them at times of desperation.

At Killex Pest Control you will find the best treatment for bird control and we render our services to both residential and commercial clients. Our experts are adept at managing all types and levels of bird infestations using the most cost-effective methods.

Which pest birds pose greater threats in Sydney?

There are several pest birds that you need to be aware of if you are living in Sydney.
However, the most common pest birds in the region are pigeons, Myna birds (Indian Myna), and starlings. And then there are those pesky infestations by sparrows and seagulls.

Damage to property caused by bird infestation

Birds can cause heavy damage to your property by dislodging roof tiles, building nests, blocking gutters and drainage system, and leaving droppings which can corrode building material.

An acidic substance is present in their droppings that can deface any surface coating, be it your walls or the surface of your car.
Birds usually build their nests using flammable materials like dried leaves. Now, these nests can be prone to flame when they are built near the electric wires.

Harmful diseases caused by pest birds

Birds like sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are known to spread diseases like Salmonellosis and E.coli as their droppings contaminate your food.
Accumulated dried bird droppings are hot spots for fungus to grow. This can lead to respiratory problems like Histoplasmosis. This disease can be fatal with prompt treatment at the right time.

Yet another fungus infection that birds can spread is Candidiasis. This can cause painful and itchy infections and affects the mouth, skin, and respiratory system.
Cryptococcosis is a fungal disease that is closely associated with pigeons and starlings. This starts as a pulmonary disease and can even affect the central nervous system in severe cases.
Lastly, birds carry another fatal disease in the form of St. Louis Encephalitis. This disease is spread by mosquitoes that feed on bird droppings. The disease causes inflammation of the nervous system and shows symptoms like drowsiness, headache, and fever.

Killex Pest Control’s bird control services

We use effective bird proofing methods that require the implementation of reliable and tested professional deterrents. This ensures a long-term and effective solution to any type of pest bird infestation.

Our experts are more than capable of managing bird control problems which can be complicated because of the severity of the issue and location, in an efficient way. This is due to the extensive experience that they have gathered over the years working in Sydney and its surrounding regions.
So, if you are serious about stopping bird infestation at your place then talk to us today. Our team is always here to help you.

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