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Signs of borer infestation

Although it is difficult to notice borer infestations in its earlier stages, you can notice, upon close inspection, small pin-like holes on the surface of the timber. These holes are generally not more than 1 mm wide and are referred to as “flight holes” as they are used by the adult borers to emerge from and fly out.
Another sign that there might be borer infestation at your place is the presence of fine powder on floors and surfaces. Floorboards that are infested with borers are usually weak and feel softer under the foot and might even give way if they are stepped upon too hard. In cases of severe infestation, a floorboard might even suddenly collapse under the weight of heavy furniture.

Species of borers

There are quite a few species of wood-boring insects that can be found in the Sydney region that might attack the timbers of your home. If you are serious about getting proper borer control services then you should take the help of a specialist like Killex Pest Control as our experts are not only licensed but they also have the requisite experience and knowledge to identify the type of the borer species that is infesting your place.

Areas that are affected by a borer infestation

Even though they are not as severe as termites, borers can still cause heavy damage and affect the following areas:

  • Skirting boards
  • Roof trusses
  • Flooring
  • Wooden furniture

More often than not they are attracted to timber, in the dark, quiet, and poorly ventilated area of a property where there is very little to no human activity.

Our borer treatment options

Our experts apply borer treatment methods to all the accessible timber surfaces including the roof void and the sub-floor areas. The treatment that they go for involves the use of a timber-saver boric acid.
This treatment exterminates all adult beetles as they come out of the timber before they get any chance to mate and spread the infestation.
Because of the lifecycle of borers, our experts highly recommend that you have an initial treatment followed by 2 further treatments every 12 months to cover their entire lifecycle period.
Therefore, if you suspect that there is a borer infestation at your place do not hesitate to call us immediately. Our experts will take care of the situation in an efficient way like they have done countless times over the years.

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