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We accept cash, cheque, money orders, bank transfers, and cards. To answer the second question – yes such a plan can be negotiated. However, it must be done before the services commence.
The chemicals that we use are safe for usage in hospitals, schools, and other public spaces. However, if you are pregnant, have young children, or have asthma then we would recommend you vacate the house while the treatment is in progress.
All the chemicals that we use are water-based. So there is no chance of any surface getting stained.
We will spray the skirtings so we would need access to the room edges. Make sure to remove clothing, articles, newspapers, children’s toys, and any other stuff from the ground surface. Also, remember to remove food items from table tops and benches.
You can be assured of the fact that the active constituent that they might come into contact with either when it is still wet, or by ingesting, or by inhaling, is minute.
No, it won’t, unless for some extreme case. Once the pesticide is dry and has been applied to a dry surface it will not wash away. As a matter of fact, it is the sun that breaks down the pesticide over time. And it is because of this reason that we recommend our clients to go for pest control services 3 times in a year.

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